How long does the effect of Viagra last?

According to clinical studies, no definite time is set. It all depends on the dose chosen and the individual characteristics of a male body. When taking Viagra 100 mg of the drug, the expected effect appears after 30-60 minutes, but in some cases, a man feels an erection within a quarter of an hour after consumption. Sildenafil tends to be well absorbed into the bloodstream. Yet, those who want to gain the desired result faster should adhere to the following rules:

It is advisable to start the dosage with half a tablet (50 mg), drinking it about 45 minutes before intercourse. Important! It is not recommended to take the drug with alcoholic beverages since they reduce the threshold of sensitivity and, accordingly, have a depressing effect on the erection.

It is allowed to take no more than 1 time per day. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage since too much remedy will not accelerate an erection but will only have a negative effect on the heart system of a man. One pill will be enough to feel self-confidence and succeed in bed.